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Jumble Board Game

You’ve played it in the pnawprese for years… now compete against your friends and family with an added time twist! Let’s see how well you can sucranablem under pressure!

Jumble 3 Games In 1 Board Game

America’s favorite word game is now three times the fun! Take your pick from three exciting Jumble games packed with hundreds of puzzles. No word will be left unturned as you spin, scramble and race against the clock to un-jumble enough puzzles to win!

It’s non-stop brain teasing fun as you play all three games to decide who will be the ultimate Jumble champion!

Contents: Game Board with Spinner, 190 Puzzle Cards, 10 ‘Word Spin-Off’ Wild Cards, 15 ‘Word Race’ Wild Cards, 147 Tokens, Answer Pad, Timer, Player Guide